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Wheat Mills of Kawhia - Ngati Mahuta Memories

The wheat for the mill was grown at Te Maika and and Waitapu at Te Wairoa, at Te Ngoti and at Waikutakuta, Waikiekie, Tautehere, Wairara, and at Takatahi, Te Hoanga, Te Taharoa. N’Mahuta gave Te Hoanga to the Wesleyan mission – The wheat was cultivated in the land before it was given to the Wesleyans – we don’t claim that land now. When we cultivated wheat at these places we were never interfeared with by any person.

While cultivating wheat at Te Hoanga the people lived at Takatahi, [and] Wairara There were also temporary kïnga at Te Hoanga when they were working at the wheat – No other hapus assisted N’Mahuta at the time this wheat was grown . No one ever interfered with N’Mahuta while working there.

I know of a Mill which stood at Rangitaiki. I heard then that it belonged to N’ Mahuta. … In 1865 I first saw that mill. It had been erected long before that. … I came to Takatahi. N’ Mahuta were living there at that time. I saw Ngakete and Te Puhi, and their mother there at Takatahi and a great number of N’Mahuta were living there – and I was there for about a year living at those käinga between Takatahi and Te Maika.…

“…Waikato had a flour mill at Rangitaiki, inland of Takatahi, worked by water power, it belonged to N’Mahuta; we had no mill in the northern side of the harbour, nor had any other tribes. N’Mahuta had no vessels.” “… Pingareka’s people also cultivated food at Waipara and Puhoro…” Te Uira Kiwi

Haehae...Nö Puaha, Tumohe, Tupuna and their people
“A European named Kent lived there also, the name of his vessel was “Amupapa”, he had a house there and he was our European, he was formerly living at Bay of Islands and came here as guest of Puaha. When the captain went away he used to have Eruera and Hori Kana in charge of his place.”

Waahi Southside of Harbour

“Kiwi was the head (kaumatua} of all these hapus. Te Maika was a chief käinga of all parties when they met together but when they separated N’Amaru went to Rangitaiki & Waikiekie, N’Huiarangi to Waikutakuta & Te Kirikiri, N’Mahuta to Te Taharoa, N’Rangitaka to Mitiwai & Te Opou.” ...Moerua Kiwi 

“The pa at Te Maika was built after Kiwi’s death. Kiwi’s son’s Manihera and Tamihana built it. Some persons of N’ Amaru assisted. Hohepa te Para was one. Hihipehi of N’Rangitaka was another. Mahu Te Kohukohi of same hapü was another. Hone Kiwi of Ngäti Kaiawhi was another. Kaweahau was alive then. He also assisted. It was a fighting pä against N’Hikairo.”

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