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Memories From Ngati Mahuta - Tangata Whenua of Kawhia

Memories From Ngati Mahuta - Tangata Whenua of Kawhia - More Memories

My dear Brother,
… Old Nuitone has come back to Ahuahu, and many inland Natives have come to reside in the neighbourhood. The harbours under blockade and all is unusually quiet there. Kingites are planting food and seem to be enjoying the pipis. Queenites spend much time in ruranga [rünanga]– and in going to Raglan.

Abandoned long before Rohe Potae case, “after the refugees had come here.” Pouaka lived at Ketewai at time of Waikato War. 

Te Hoanga
“Te Hoanga land was given to the Missionaries in Mrs Whiteley’s time, he had been here for a long time when this gift was made – long before the Taranaki War – this land was given to be a cultivation for the children of N’Mahuta who attended the school

Orua...Te Ana-a-puta...Orongomai...Mokotuna...Harihari...Matakaraka...Piopio ...Te Rotoroa

“… we N’Mahanga came to Hari Hari between the two lakes, it is an old käinga of N’Mahutas – Hone Kiwi had a käinga there – named Orua – When we lived there, Kiwi Maneha and other chiefs of N’Mahuta gave the rights of fishing etc. Te Ana a puta, and Orongomai, mussel grounds, and also eel grounds Mokotunua, Hari Hari, Mata Karaka, Piopio, Te Rotoroa, and the Para fern in Waiohipa stream – right up to its source and the Para fern in Te Hari Hari gullies – and the pigs at his käinga and any we could find in the bush..

The N’Maniapoto chiefs were at Hari Hari when these arrangements were made viz Pumipi Tuhoro, his son Te Waitere..

Pumipi agreed to these gifts made by N’Mahuta chiefs, he never said anything against it..”...Te Kieraunui, Ngati’Mahanga

Maukutea ...Tuhireti ...Upokoriri...Rangiahua...Te Wairoa...Te Whare-ongarue....Omeka/Oweke

“About two years before Waikato War party came over to destroy the Te Puru pa I was cultivating food at Maukitea – My matuas were growing wheat there & afterwards at Tuhireti (Pakarikari). We and N’Ngahia all cultivated there. Pingareka & people were at Upokoriri. …

We also had cultivations at Rangiahua & we used to cross over to [Te] Wairoa on the other side and when we returned we were invited on shore at Haehae by Niania, he was living there with his people N’Te Kiriwai.

We afterwards returned to Whare-o-Ngarue and got in our own crops after which we went to Tuhireti and got our crops in there and then went to Maukitea, then we cut wheat.

Rei & Te Rewarua were left at the latter place to reap the crop while we were getting the potatoes in and after that we went back and thrashed the wheat and after getting all the crops in we returned to Tuhireti …

We had another cultivation at Omeka, it belonged to Mahuta & his people (King party) just beyond was another one belonging to N’Ngahia, N’Mahuta, n’Amaru, N’Te Kanawa & other hapus. …

Aporo’s was a permanent settlement. We cultivated for a number of years at Rangiahua, that is, Aporo did, nobody else cultivated there at the time but us. …

The cultivation at Oweka belonged to Tawhiao’s sons Te Pouku & Te Ngaehe. Oweka is the same as Waioeka, Oweka is a swamp & Waioeka is a spring at the other end. This settlement was started before the one at Hikurangi.” ....Te Uira Kiwi

“Then I saw some of N’Mahuta, Hone Kiwi, Maneha and the children – They brought wheat up from Te Maika to Takatahi to sell in order to pay their share of the mill, and to try it – We then started the mill going – it worked well .” Henare Turner

[Käwhia] Police files 1886-90, March 21 1887, in Peg Cummins, A History of Käwhia & its District, Käwhia Museum, 2004, p.73.

“The Natives from Taharoa who have been mustering cattle for some time swam about 100 head across the harbour from south to north. No accidents occurred.” 

“This is an ancient käinga” Kahukoka and Tuaiwa lived here long before they died (before the first Taranaki War), but buried at Waihekura. Occupied thereafter by Te Waro of N’Paia.....Pouaka

A käinga of N’Mahuta, Kerekino, Te Maata/Wiata, Te Tumu, Tupuna & others.
“Was occupied by N’Mahuta long before that land passed into the hands of the European. N’Mahuta sold that land to the European – (Joseph Grant) – Kiwi Pihopa and Whitiora (alias Wiremu Kumete, alias Wiremu Hoeta) and N’Mahuta generally – The land was paid for in pies, tobacco, a piece of greenstone.

These goods were divided among N’Mahuta when received. No one ever objected to this sale – When sold the owners moved to land just outside and adjoining the part sold to the European to Takatahi – all that place was called Takatahi.

I say N’Maniapoto did not sell this land to the European it is absolutely false – They did not join in the sale and had nothing whatever to do with it. When N’Mahuta lived at Takatahi they cultivated food on the land. They had a flour mill at Rangitaiki, marked old mill on map.

It was made long before the Taranaki War, it was built by Glover – this mill was N’Mahutas absolutely – There was a mill belonging to N’Maniapoto at Te Mahoe, outside the Block before the Court. Mangopapa was another mill in the Käwhia district it belongs to N’Hikairo – it was outside this block. N’Maniapoto are now trying to steal my mill.

No one ever claimed this mill before up to now except N’Mahuta no[t] when it was built or building. It was first a trouble about this mill at time of Rohe Potae Court (Judge Mair) – in 1886 – N’Mahuta ceased to live at Takatahi when the soldiers came to Käwhia (cir 1883), at that time people who owned the houses ceased to live at Takatahi – they went of their own accord – one old man Hakopa went to Pukekura, Pouaka...Kiwi ..Remana ..Nutana 3 August 1889

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