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Kawhia Ocean Beach Pony Riding Kids

Kawhia Ocean Beach Pony Riding Kids, is a daily diary about the lives of the 2 year old Taylor triplets born in Kawhia - New Zealand. The story teller is the first born (by a minute) named Tainui. Today is the first insert of the diary.

28/12/2005 - wednesdaykids-blog

Kiaora koutou katoa, my name is Tainui, my dad said I could start a daily diary so I could tell everyone about my unique lifestyle in Kawhia harbour New Zealand, where I come from.
I have another brother named Tokomaru and a sister named Aotea...we are triplets from the Ngati Toa o Kawhia hapuu. My dad says being Maori, we inherit a very rich heritage, as we come from a great sea-voyaging, warrior and enterprising people.
We were born nearly 2 and a half years ago. My dad named us after the great waka's (canoe's) that bought some of our tipuna (ancestors) we whakapapa to (relate to by geneology) to New Zealand...the Tainui Waka...the Tokomaru waka...and the Aotea waka
We have a shetland pony, Her name is "Pipi". She has just turned 3 years old and has a foal, which was born about a month ago.
My dad broke in our pony 'Pipi' for us to ride. I have ridden her heaps of time already. We live right next to the beach, and every morning my dad puts two of us on the pony, and puts another on a backpack, and we walk around the beach till we get to the ocean beach about 5 kilometre's away.


Dad swaps us around every now and then so that we all get a turn, then we walk all the way back again. It takes us over 2 hours. Dad says it's the perfect place to learn how to ride, cause if we fall off, we won't hurt ourselves in the soft sand. He says we would be the youngest riders in New Zealand to ride so far everyday.

My dad says I am a natural rider and it's great training for us. He also makes us walk heaps in the sand, because he says it makes our ligaments and bones strong and it would build a strong foundation for the active sports we may play in the future.
Dad used to run a tourism business, but he looks after us fulltime now. He said he couldn't do two big jobs properly and we deserve his full attention and focus.
Dad says one-day he will take us to Thailand, where our mom was born. He says the Thai are also a noble and warrior race of people and he would like us to develop a connection to that part of our culture oneday....most probably through the sport of Muay Thai.
But right now that don't interest me. All I think about, from morning till night, is our little shetland pony. She's awesome, and I love her heaps. But we can only do that in the morning, and in the afternoon after our sleep we usually head off on another adventure.
Today, dad took us down to the wharf for a swim. There were many other people there. Dad said Kawhia is usually quiet, but in summer we get invaded by thousands of tourists and holiday makers. I like it when there are heaps of other kids though.
There were lots of big kids jumping off the wharf and making huge splashes. My big cousins, Steve & Sam who are training to be doctors, took me and Aotea right out in the deep part of the water.
That was really choice. In the late afternoon the Kawhia fishing charter boats arrived back at the wharf. Dad took us over to look at all the big fish caught. There was a monster snapper laying on the deck.
It was starting to get late and dad said we have to go. It was dinner time soon. So we piled into our truck and headed off home. I was glad to be going home. I was really feeling knackered...It's been a big day...I'll see you all tomorrow...bye

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